Tuesday, September 10, 2013

'B' Is for Bradley: How to Increase Your Rank on the Internet

What are all the other Bradley Cannons up to in the world? 

While creating a new personal website, writing yet another novel, and performing many other self-absorbed tasks, it occurred to me that I should look into this. Let’s take a quick step back from the ordinary novel updates of this blog to see what I found. 

In the battle of Google versus evil, a quick search pulled up dozens of candidates from all points in life. Overall, three primary rivals seem to have the top spots in my search. 

  1. Bradley Cannon, who has a PharmD and is president of a medical facility.
  2. Bradley Cannon, who . . . well . . . has a mugshot and was allegedly charged with wanton endangerment, driving while under the influence, and a hit and run in 2012. Allegedly. 
  3. Bradley Cannon, who is actually an M2 Bradley tank with a “cannon” mounted on top.

These results surprised me. I always thought ‘Cannon’ was a great last name for a writer, but now I have to struggle against inanimate objects for popularity too?! And a death machine, of all things. Suddenly, the accomplishments of King, Bishop, and Castle seem more incredible than ever. (Granted Castle is a fictional character on ABC, and King is inanimate only as a chess piece).

Anyways, short of going to graduate school or prison, I suppose I should compile a few ways to increase my internet ranking. There are so many of these tips out there, but these four really caught my attention. Hopefully, this will help any faithful readers I may have, though you won’t see me forwarding it to any other Bradleys!

  • Make sure you images have appropriate titles.  Honestly, I never even thought about that. Until now, all my photos were titled 338fijosd38.jpg or whatever the computer decided to call them. 
  • Use the right keywords. And make sure those keywords are in your post too. 
  • Post often, but also post quality material. 
  •  Provide links to other popular sites. For example, make sure to check this page out for lots other tips too.

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What rivals does YOUR name face on the Internet? Answer in the comment section below.

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