Free Shorts

Image by Ezra Jeffrey
Try out Bradley's writing style for yourself. These fun 30- to 75-word fictional scenes allow you to start (or stop) reading wherever you'd like. New Succinct Scenes are added every few months.

Image by Will Stewart
Find out why two fifth graders are so determined to possess a small grey rock. This 2,000-word fictional story explores greed, ambition, and perhaps also a little magic. 

Image by Yousif Malibiran

Unable to cope with the death of his wife, Harry becomes convinced that the man he sees in the reflection is happier than he is. In this 8,000-word story, he jealously crashes headfirst through a sliding glass window, only to be confronted by an alternate world where his other self is still happily married.
Part 1: Counting on the Other Side
Part 2: Before the Other Side
Part 3: Glass From the Other Side
Part 4: Writing on the Other Side

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