Saturday, August 6, 2016

Praise for Extended Stay

The following consists of select reviews at,, and other sources. Extended Stay is currently available in print and eBook formats at

"What caused the death moratorium? . . . This novel will make readers think about their lives, privileges, and surroundings."
--Jennifer Xue,

"Hints of the end [are] strewn throughout, yet it still comes as a surprise . . . You will walk away from this novel feeling a little more grateful for ordinary life."
--Margaret Diehl, three-time author of a New York Times Most Notable Book

"It is difficult to comprehend the amount of research that went into this work. My family and I once lived in Chattanooga, so all the locations cited made the book really come alive."
--William Merritt

"Engaging. Even at the most brutal parts, I couldn't stop reading."
--Palmetto Review

"A very ambitious novel, one requiring tremendous amounts of research and fine tuning. It impressed me with its scope and in terms of writing quality. The novel is quite good. This is an author to pay attention to--the basic writing skills and commitment to his story suggest he has a very bright future ahead of him."
--Nathan Beauchamp, coauthor of the Universe Eventual trilogy

"An enjoyable book that held my attention to the end, and an ending that I didn't see coming but that was well deserved. It was the premise that drew me in and a desire to see how this played out was driven by the realistic style of writing. The characters are uncannily real, and the storyline is one that is engaging."
--Dennis Waller, Top 500 Reviewer

"Bradley Cannon is a skilled writer with a knack for pacing and detail. His style was so good that I was surprised after reading his novel to find that it was his first book, particularly when things shift partway through and I got a sense of how well thought out the prelude was."
--Rob Turnbull, author of Thinning the Herd

"This book is an easy read. The ending is foreshadowed without giving away the plot twist. Worth the read, worth the emotional journey. There were several characters who I felt deeply about by the end of the book. Excellent use of third person limited viewpoint."
--Melanie Francisco

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